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Hui Tze was an absolute life saver for us!! My hubby and I welcomed our baby girl on 8th December and we did not have any family support in Singapore! We reached out to Hui Tze for support with breastfeeding, baby routine (bath, swaddle etc) and general questions on baby’s health! Hui Tze was EXCELLENT and beyond amazing with her advice, and hands on help! She gave us much needed reassurance and was so responsive to all our questions! We particularly appreciated her relaxed and calm demeanour — she has a very encouraging personality and moulds herself to suit the parents and baby’s personality which was incredible! Highly highly recommend her!!! We love her and can’t thank her enough!!!!!

Mother of 1 daughter

Hui Tze helped us at a very tumultuous time in our post partum breastfeeding journey. As a first time mum I struggled with everything from latching to surviving the roller coaster of emotions that was the baby blues. I was close to giving up on breastfeeding but Hui Tze constantly encouraged, checked in and tirelessly helped me learn to read my baby's cues, how to latch, how to stimulate the baby and even simple things like what is normal and what isn't! No question was ever too silly to ask, and she was extremely patient with my husband and I. We are now attending her baby massage class and are loving every moment of it (baby too!) Thank Hui Tze for your amazing work!

Mother of 1 son

My experience breastfeeding my firstborn was fraught with anxiety and disappointments. I wanted my second experience to better. We are blessed to have had Hui Tze with us from the start. From our first meeting, I felt she genuinely cared and listened to my worries and expectations. I felt she understood me. When we eventually delivered, she came down to our ward to guide us on the first latch, despite the long wait and it being so late into the night. With her encouragement, we have been able to breastfeed our second child exclusively. Hui Tze never failed to check on us regularly, to assure us we were doing well whenever we felt down, and to answer our incessant whatsapp questions each day. We are truly grateful to Hui Tze and immensely thankful for her. Thank you so much Hui Tze, couldn't have done it without you!

Mother of 1 daughter and 1 son

In the first week after the birth of my first child, I was thrown off by how unprepared I felt with looking after a newborn. There were many questions that I never thought of until I had to experience it myself. Fortunately, Hui Tze was around to answer my questions. I found her support around breastfeeding most useful. At times when I got anxious with whether I had enough milk for my baby, her calm and positive demeanour was extremely helpful in calming me down. I remember on the 3rd day of coming home, my baby was not latching properly. I was panicking and her immediate visit made me feel as a first time mom that I am not alone. She answered all my questions without judgements and her consistent checking in has definitely helped me build a positive relationship with breastfeeding. Thank you so much Hui Tze!

Mother of 1 daughter

As a first time mother, I cannot thank Hui Tze enough. She is our postpartum doula and is super knowledgeable, kind, patient and encouraging. Without Hui Tze, I wouldn’t have made it through the first month of breastfeeding. Her calm demeanour and friendly personality makes you feel like she’s been a friend for many years and she is super selfless with her time and genuinely cared for me, my husband and our baby throughout her visits. We are so thankful for her. We attended Hui Tze’s baby massage classes as well and it was really a great way to spend time with our daughter as first time parents and we also got to meet other parents and children around the same age. Fast forward a year on, I am still enjoying bonding time while breastfeeding my daughter and she still enjoys her massages from daddy and mummy. We highly recommend Hui Tze for all her knowledge and services! Thank you Hui Tze for all that you do!

Mother of 1 daughter

As this is my first child, I did not research or know what to except about breastfeeding. Thankfully after birth, I had the privilege of having Hui Tze as my postpartum doula. She is really a god sent and baby whisperer. My son was so calm whenever she came over to assist. I truly learnt a lot about breastfeeding techniques. She also checked up on us regularly through text messages and giving us encouraging words of affirmation. Not only did she assisted us in breastfeeding, she also gave her advise and knowledge about baby carrying, pumping, swaddling and my mental and emotional health and any other concerns that I have. This is truly needed as I was dealing with postpartum recovery and the challenges that comes with being a first time mother. But thanks to Hui Tze, I am still going strong on my breastfeeding journey. I have also signed up for baby massage classes with Hui Tze and I am truly looking forward to it!

Mother of 1 son
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Hui Tze has been a critical member of our successful breastfeeding journey. Having focussed so much on labour & delivery for months during the pregnancy, we definitely lacked behind on preparing for breastfeeding and baby, and yet we felt we were able to catch up quickly with Hui Tze's help. Her support covers everything from giving us hands-on technical guidance, lending an ear and compassionate words calm to my woes throughout he first week, to making sure that we are well on each step of the journey. We truly felt safe and cared for in Hui Tze's hands - it's an amazing privilege to have someone with so much knowledge and experience is always there for us, cheering us through our wins, and assuring us when we are anxious. Especially in these covid times with no family around, having her around is an incredible source of support and anchor during one of the most bewildering times in our lives. As we are only on week 3, we look forward to continuing to learn with Hui Tze both through personal engagements and future classes. Already looking forward to the baby massage class!

Mother of 1 daughter

Our newborn was diagnosed with tongue and lip ties at birth which prevented him from latching properly and getting a full feed. Hui Tze was quick to identify the issue and severity of it, show us the consequences (only ingesting 10ml of milk per feed😰) and recommend next steps and the best practitioners to help. We loved and strongly identified with her collaborative approach (with parents as well as other infant health practitioners) to setting parents and babies up for success. At all times, Hui Tze was gentle and non-judgmental in her instruction, and respectful of our choices as parents. She created a safe space for us to ask questions and make OUR best decision for our child, which is priceless. She checked in often and was always available with tips, tricks and advice - always kind, caring and present. My milk supply took 10 weeks to actually come in and i attribute my not giving up in no small part to Hui Tze’s gentle encouragement and cheerleading. Thank you for everything and mums / dads - you can’t go wrong with Hui Tze♥️

Mother of 1 son

As a first time mother, I was not prepared for the challenges of breastfeeding. From my second week of breastfeeding, I started developing recurring milk blisters and blocked ducts which were very painful. Hui Tze always came to my rescue on very short notice, to remove the blisters in a safe and sterile manner. Knowing that I could always call on her help made me feel more assured and has greatly lessened my anxiety levels. During each of these sessions, Hui Tze would also share with me very helpful tips on breastfeeding and taking care of my baby and I have always enjoyed my conversations with her. She also gave me the confidence to stop supplementing with formula. Thank you Hui Tze for always being so encouraging and being my breastfeeding ally! I would highly recommend Hui Tze’s services to all mums - having solid postpartum support (esp for breastfeeding) really makes all the difference!

Mother of 1 daughter

I first got to know Hui Tze through the Four Trimesters antenatal programme and found her lessons on baby care very helpful. About a month into my breastfeeding journey, I experienced problems with clogged milk ducts, which eventually developed into mastitis. Throughout this challenging (and extremely painful) experience, Hui Tze has been a great support. She helped me clear the clogged ducts with her very gentle but effective lactation massage and even correctly identified that I had an abscess so I was able to get proper medical attention. She also continued to keep in contact with my husband and I, checking in to see how I was doing. My husband and I are very grateful for her warmth, patience and support. I am so much more confident and comfortable with breastfeeding now, and it's thanks to Hui Tze's help. Thank you for doing this meaningful work you do!

Mother of 1 son

One of the best parenting advice I've received is to immediately seek help with breastfeeding if you have any discomfort, challenge or questions. We reached out to Hui Tze almost immediately when we brought our new born home and she's helped tremendously on our BF journey. During the home visit, she helped to checked on flange sizes and how to optimize the pump. She also helped to troubleshoot and adjust our nursing position so that it is more confortable for us. Hui Tze is also super skillful at handling the baby, encouraging her to suckle properly. Her online support has been extremely precious and encouraging. Thank you very much!

Mother of 1 daughter

Hui Tze was my absolute rock during the postpartum period. She gently nudged me to have confidence in myself and to figure out the best way for me and my baby. She helped me make a postpartum plan and helped me manage my anxiety about my baby’s weight and my milk supply. Hui Tze has a magical way of being clear and direct without any ego or motive other than to support families. She takes time to really get to know people and respects their wishes. I strongly believe that Hui Tze is one of the reasons my baby is so healthy and happy, and also why my second breastfeeding journey has been so smooth. Thank you Hui Tze!

Mother of 1 son & 1 daughter

Hui Tze came in highly recommended by a friend of mine and I must say Hui Tze was truly a godsent in my breastfeeding journey. I reached out to Hui Tze when I had two incidents of breast engorgement/clogged milk ducts in a week. Despite my own arduous efforts to clear the engorgement, I was still unable to clear them. I reached out to Hui Tze and Hui Tze responded to me immediately and made concessions to meet me in spite of her busy schedule. Hui Tze was able to diagnose my condition immediately and accurately, discovering my repeated engorgements were due to milk blisters on the nipple. Hui Tze was highly proficient, gentle and even humourous in her treatment, it was truly a very therapeutic and comforting session for me in an otherwise highly stressful situation. I am so grateful to have met Hui Tze and I would highly recommend her to ALL NEW MUMS embarking on their breastfeeding journey! THANK YOU SO MUCH HUI TZE!

Mother of 1 son

Before I gave birth to my first child, I had tried to read up a lot about breastfeeding. There isn’t much information about the struggles women went through eg milk supply not coming in, blocked ducts, oversupply etc. So I thought it was going to be a breeze. Boy, it was one of the hardest things I’ve encountered. Thankfully, I met Hui Tze, and not only was she patient and very responsive to my anxious flurry of questions, her gentle demeanour provided a sea of calm to our new family. Navigating breastfeeding and parenting for the first time was confusing, and because I was hell-bent on getting the whole bf thing down, I realised I needed a person who would support me all the way. And Hui Tze was that person to me, when a lot of my support system was telling me to give up. My son is now 3yo, and our breastfeeding journey may well come to an end soon. But man, I’ve enjoyed the special bond I’ve had with my son for the past 3 years. And I’m so thankful to Hui Tze for her encouragement and help right at the beginning when it was tough.

Mother of 1 son

Couldn’t recommend the baby massage classes enough to any parent seeking a beautiful way to nourish and connect with their child(ren). Hui Tze has a lovely energy, patiently & thoughtfully imparting her wisdom over 5 weeks, each layering & building confidence and instilling the techniques so even tired mamas can recall the flow. Baby Alexander cooed his way through & massage is now a firm activity on our daily agenda - our favourite connection time of the day. Thank you Hui Tze!

Mother of 1 son

I like Hui Tze’s Baby Massage Course so much that I have done it now twice! ❤️ I actually remembered all of the strokes from the first time as I have practiced it almost daily for over 3 years but did not hesitate to join the second time for a great refresher but also an an amazing opportunity to find an uninterrupted time to bond with my baby and openly share challenges and highlights with other mums.

Mother of 2 sons

Hui Tze came highly recommended and for very good reasons. As a first-time-mother I was and am very anxious. She was available to answer questions and provide support at all hours of the day and night, through both my pregnancy and postpartum and came for an emergency visit when I got home from the hospital to help me with engorgement issues and breastfeeding. Her calm and personable character and her kind and caring manner (she really cares about you!) are exactly what was needed in my times of stress. I am so grateful for having her support and would recommend her in a heartbeat. I only wish she lived in multiple countries at once so my friends abroad could benefit from her amazing support and expertise.

Mother of 1 son

Hui Tze is getting better each time I see her. She was with me when I had my first baby in 2019 and I engaged her service for my second birth recently too. With her around, I have 100% assurance on my lactation concerns, be it technique wise or mentally/emotionally. Trust me, Hui Tze has a soft demeanor about her that puts you at ease and you will feel comfortable about your postpartum body around her. To me, breastfeeding is the real challenge, especially during the early postpartum days. Hui Tze’s technique for eliminating engorgement is pain free, it is different from the other lactation consultants I have been to previously, which normally involves a certain degree of pain that is tear jerking to put it bluntly. She has saved me from unnecessary visits to A&e and potential mastitis issues, where such visits can be real traumatic on the mothers from what I have gathered. On behalf of my 2 sweethearts, a big THANK YOU to you Hui Tze!

Mother of 1 daughter & 1 son

Hui Tze is my go to for any mama related concerns! I first engaged her to help with latching issues for my son who was 4 months old son and had just gotten a tongue tie and lip tie release. Even though my son did not latch during the session (which is totally normal and expected since he has been bottle-fed the past 4 months), she continued to provide constant support and check-ins over WhatsApp. A few weeks later, my son could finally latch. It's a dream come true :') I also engaged Hui Tze for lactation massage when I had mastitis. She responded to my urgent request and made time to see me on the very day itself (mamas with mastitis will know this is a real life-saver!). Her massage technique is so gentle! And knowing my frequent mastitis issue, she sends me tips to prevent and manage mastitis. With her, its never a business transaction. She is so kind and genuine in solving our mama-related problems :') Finally, I also took her baby massage class (private). I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions! My husband and I both felt safe and comfortable to ask any questions that we had. Hui Tze was also super attentive to our strokes and corrected us if we were doing the strokes differently from what was taught. My son is 6 months old - super active and short attention span! But Hui Tze emphasised on creating a safe space for baby and listening to his cues so we never ever forced baby to be still to receive the massage strokes. Through her patience and love for babies, my son managed to complete all massage classes at his own pace and pattern Our family received so much more than just knowledge of the massage strokes. I know that there is no magic pill to solve all mama-related problems, but I am thankful to have met Hui Tze who has played a critical role in tiding me through those difficult times. Previously I was a mama who's getting mastitis on a weekly basis and thinking of giving up breastfeeding. Today my baby is almost 7 months and still on full breastmilk. She's also really resourceful and generous to share contacts for concerns that she is unable to assist with. Definitely someone I trust and my go-to! Thank you! Can't recommend her enough.

Mother of 1 son

During my first pregnancy four years ago I had a great desire to breastfeed our future daughter. I read about breastfeeding and took preparatory courses. I felt motivated and ready to breastfeed, but little did I know. I was struggling to get our daughter to have right technique and because I wasn’t given any support or guidance to overcome the problems I ended up having to give formula earlier than I wanted due to our daughter's lack of well-being and weight gain. My breastfeeding didn’t go as planned at all, so during my second pregnancy, my husband and I decided that we would seek help from a lactation consultant after the birth of our son, so that we could get the guidance and support we didn't get during the breastfeeding of our daughter. A friend of us gave her warmest recommendations for Hui Tze and we contacted her after the birth. Hui Tze responded to our inquiry within hours and came for a home visit at a short notice. We experienced being met with warmth and gentleness and not least an extremely competent guidance. After each visit, she followed up on our consultations and was only a message away if questions or uncertainty arose. We have felt taken by the hand and supported exactly as we wished we had been when we became parents the first time. We give Hui Tze our warmest recommendations.

Mother of 1 daughter & 1 son

As a first time mum and did not hire a confinement nanny, I was pretty clueless so whenever I do not understand baby, I feel relieved that I can always ask Hui Tze for advice, which make me feel less stressful. With her help, I feel more confident to fully breastfeed (direct latch) baby, and she also helped me chose a good pump for the ocassionally pumping to build freezer supply (for after maternity leave). I also remember Hui Tze have helped me massaged my boobs to relieve my first painful engorgement.

Mother of 1 daughter

Hui, was a referral from our baby's pediatrician and she was the best one. Since the first consult she gave us all the attention and didn't refuse to help us at any time. Before she provided the consultation, our baby was not breastfeeding well, and after her assistance, things have improved.

Team Bento
Mother & Father of 1 son

I faced many challenges including inverted nipple, sore nipple, ulcer on nipple etc. Hui Tze has been a great source of support even before I gave birth. She consistently checks in with me to find out what challenges I face and share what I can do. She showed me how to care for my little person not just through breastfeeding but also through physical touch and providing a safe space for him. It’s an honour and privilege to have Hui Tze along my journey of breastfeeding. I’ve heard about how difficult breastfeeding is, but with Hui Tze’s support and presence, I feel confident to keep going.

Xin Run
Mother of 1 son

Gave birth to my first child in January. Initially went for prenatal class and I thought I had it all covered from pregnancy to breastfeeding. Little did I know that giving birth was the easiest part. Breastfeeding was a painful journey especially with a short nipple. I tried to get the baby to latch but it was so difficult. That's when I decided to engage Hui Tze. She was such a godsend. Baby could latch more easily and she taught me so many things in one session and assured me that I am doing great while checking on me even after her session with me. The best decision I made was engaging her for my breastfeeding journey. I wish I had done that from the start so that breastfeeding was made easier.

Mother of 1 son

Most definitely highly recommended the baby massage course. We attended the Oct 19 series and it was really fun. 5 classes we learnt every single part of the body including some baby yoga movement. Also she recaps every class what she taught in previous classes so even if you missed out any class or you’re late, Hui Tze will fill you in. She’s really awesome!

Father of 1 daughter & 1 son

I engaged Hui Tze for baby massage classes and am very happy with the progress we have made. My baby thoroughly enjoys the massages and the sessions with Hui Tze. We had to temporarily stopped the lessons midway as my baby fell sick and Hui Tze was very understanding. Notes were provided and Hui Tze also gave tips on massaging my older kid who’s 5 this year. Definitely recommended. Thanks!

Su Yan
Mother of 2 children

My breast feeding journey began with my first son, who did not latch. I somehow managed to express for 5 and a half months and gave up because of the sheer exhaustion and impact it had on my mental and physical health. Being a second time mom, I decided to hire a postpartum doula to help with latching and breast feeding. I am lucky to have had Hui Tze guide me through my journey. I really could not have asked for someone better. Not only did her calm demeanour help me relax it also helped me believe in myself. Breastfeeding comes easier to some but for me it was related to fear and trauma. Her first visit was exactly what I needed. I must have asked the same question again and again but she was there to guide me through the anxiety. She made me believe I could do this, and I think that was half of the battle won. Her constant check ups made me feel like there was someone who cared and her detailed notes after our sessions were extremely helpful. I have been exclusively breastfeeding for two + months now and if it wasn't were Hui Tze I could not have done it. Hui Tze you are amazing! I am thankful and grateful to have had you as my postpartum doula and I wish you all the very best.

Mother of 2 sons

My main post partum goal is to exclusively breastfeed my baby and Hui Tze played a big role in helping me achieve that. At day 3 PP, I started having fever and my boobs were super engorged we already knew that my baby has tongue tie so he couldn't latch him properly. The next day, I knew I needed help. When we reached out to Hui Tze, she immediately visited our home in less than 2hrs! Both me and my baby were in tears but her presence calmed us down. She helped to clear my clogged ducts and showed techniques on how to get baby to latch with the use of nipple shield and it was like magic! I can feed my baby! She encouraged us to consult a pediatric dentist if we ever want to release our LO's tongue tie. We did frenectomy + osteopathic body work. My breastfeeding journey only became smoother after a month. I'm glad that we have Hui Tze's support and motivation to get through that difficult time. She's considerate and respectful on every parenting decisions we have. Thus I can confidently say she's highly capable to curate personalised support to every family. When we got settled on BF, we attended Hui Tze's baby massage course. Our family enjoy it a lot because we got to hang out with other families for 5 weeks. Learning how to do the strokes and connect with the baby is our most important take away. Now, Baby massages are part of our baby's morning and evening routines. It's our favorite bonding with our little bundle of joy. Thank you Hui Tze for being an awesome post partum doula for Team AD! 😊

Mother of 1 son

With my first baby, the first few weeks of breastfeeding were difficult. My milk came in late, the nurses at the hospital kept saying I would have to formula-feed her and all of them "knew" exactly what to do - except they all said something different. It was quite overwhelming and I felt I was a very bad mother not being able to feed my child and, needless to say, I was not in a good place. Luckily, I got help from Four Trimesters and breastfeeding soon became a breeze. Nevertheless, when I was pregnant with my second baby, I did not want to go through the same emotional drama again. I therefore reached out to Hui Tze early and was very grateful that she took my concerns and fears seriously. She came to visit me at our home and - before the baby was even born - discussed all the scenarios and options with me, giving me comfort and assurance that we had a plan, even if my milk would come in late again. I very much appreciated that she took the time to truly listen to my concerns (irrational as they might have seemed) and the sensitive and considerate way in which she gave me reassurance. When the baby was here, she was at the hospital a few hours after I gave birth, being overjoyed with me, but at the same time giving gentle advise and reminding me of what we had discussed. I also appreciated the comprehensive written summaries she sent me after each meeting - definitely a big help when taking care of a newborn. When the nurses again told me that I did not have enough milk, Hui Tze was there whenever I began to doubt or became insecure. She gave me confidence and did not let slip back in to a bad emotional place. She celebrated with me when my milk came in and in the end, when I look back, I was able to enjoy the first few days and weeks so much more because Hui Tze guided me through the emotional lows. I will always be grateful for her encouragement and advice. I can wholeheartedly recommend to any new mom (or dad) to work with Hui Tze! I was also lucky enough to be able to attend her baby massage class, which was a fantastic bonding experience with my baby. Hui Tze created a calm and relaxed atmosphere, in which we not only learnt how to massage our babies, but also were able to spend true quality time with them - a precious experience that I would not want to miss!

Mother of 2 daughters

I didn't manage to latch my first child when she was born because of rapid milk ejection reflex which resulted in her crying very very badly every time I latched her from the time she was 2 months old until I finally quit latching a month later. I became a mum who pumped full time, and felt sad that I could not spend that time holding my child whenever I was pumping. When I gave birth this year, I was hopeful that my second child would be able to latch and I could have a breastfeeding experience. Alas, the same problem happened, this time earlier when he was 3 weeks. He would cry whenever he had to drink from me. I became very sad at this loss again and sought help from another lactation consultant first. That consultant was not helpful at all. Ready to give up, my husband suggested me seeking one more consultant's help. That's when I met Hui Tze. She listened to my concerns over the phone and could get in touch with what I wanted as well as how much I was struggling. I teared over that phone call because I felt someone got it. When she came, she continued to attune to the nature of my problems, to watch how I was engaging with my baby, she was gentle and calm and always made me feel safe and competent in how I was managing with my present resources. She worked with what felt best for me and in so doing, empowered me with solutions that best fit my lifestyle and preferences. Her calming presence in that one session was enough to help my nervous system feel calmer around my crying baby too. She explored different ways of feeding my baby due to my milk flow issue, and also saw that my baby had a tongue tie. Upon releasing his tongue tie, he drank better, but continued to struggle with my milk flow and so using her suggestions to try feeding him in different settings was incredibly helpful. My baby is now 6 months old and he still latches (not all the time but he is now more comfortable latching). We recently travelled overseas and i didn’t pump for 2 full weeks. Complete latching - made me feel so emotional and grateful. I never would have made it thus far with him if not for Hui Tze.

Mother of 1 daughter & 1 son

Breastfeeding was excruciating for me being a first time mom, and I was desperate to find help. We're so thankful to have found Hui Tze who came to the rescue! She taught us a number of ways to breastfeed, and most importantly showed me that breastfeeding can be painless and I can even enjoy it in time. Thank you so much Hui Tze!

Mother of 1 daughter

Nothing but gratitude and praise for Hui Tze, for her knowledge, professionalism, and top notch lactation care! She’s also in general such a pleasant hang :) Thank you for patiently rescuing my clogged milk duct at such incredibly short notice and on a weekend afternoon too; she arrived within half an hour of us first making contact, and left behind plenty of helpful aftercare advice only after fully honouring the time needed to resolve my issue. Would highly recommend to any of my new/ lactating mama friends for sure… Betty and Nettie will remember you forever Hui Tze!

Mother of 1 son

My husband and I are thankful for Hui Tze’s support in the first few weeks of parenthood. Being a first-time mom, I had no idea what to expect about breastfeeding and was faced with issues right from the start. Hui Tze made herself available whenever we needed support and even met us on short notice at the hospital a day after our baby was born. Our baby also went through a tongue tie revision procedure which was quite stressful. Throughout this time, Hui Tze frequently checked in on us and provided guidance and reassurance. Our journey thus far as new parents would not have been the same without her support.

Mother of 1 son

We faced challenges with breastfeeding. My son had a tongue tie and his latch was shallow. I couldn’t put into practice the various breastfeeding positions I read about. I was anxious and worried as I wanted to preserve our breastfeeding relationship and learn the skills of breastfeeding - something I really longed for with my first child but wasn’t able to have. Hui Tze showed me the various techniques and gave me clear factual info on when baby is full, how to know if baby is swallowing, different breastfeeding positions and general newborn advice. Hui Tze was patient, clear, and often checked in which we really appreciated in the deep throes of the fourth trimester.

Mother of 2 sons

When our daughter Faye was born, we had seen other lactation consultants but still struggled with milk supply even though Faye was latching for over an hour for some feeds. Finally on week 3, we turned to Hui Tze who immediately saw a problem with Faye’s latch and suggested we saw an osteopath and paediatric dentist. We were prescribed mouth exercises to do with Faye and finally after she turned two months old, I had enough milk to exclusively breastfeed. I’m glad we didn’t give up and even more glad we met Hui Tze, it’s safe to say that if we hadn’t, I wouldn’t still be breastfeeding today. She was pivotal in my breastfeeding journey and a strong ally to any breastfeeding mum.

Mother of 1 daughter

We engaged Hui Tze for help as we had difficulty trying to latch and breastfeed our baby boy during his first week and that resulted in painful engorged breasts. We contacted her and she came to our place the next day to guide us on proper latching and massage techniques. Hui Tze is very knowledgeable and provides us with many valuable tips and advice even beyond lactation matters. She’s very friendly and patient, and helped me to gain confidence in breastfeeding. Would definitely reco her to all my mummy friends! Thank you so much Hui Tze!

Zack & LJ
Parents of 1 son

As a FTM, I was thoroughly unprepared for breastfeeding and its challenges. Just 4 days pp, my breasts were engorged. Hui Tze was so kind to attend to me at night, after I texted her in the evening to seek help with my engorgement. Thereafter, she was responsive and caring, and checked in regularly as I was facing problems with my milk supply. Thanks Hui Tze for all the support on my breastfeeding journey!

Mother of 1 daughter

I was not sure how to properly and comfortably have my daughter latch onto me for breast feeding. Additionally, I had very low milk supply. I also did it know how to soothe my baby as it is my first time being a mother, and I haven’t had much opportunity interacting with babies growing up. Hui Tze advised me to prioritise the issues I wanted to tackle, and was very experienced in handling my baby and in sharing with me how to latch and improve my supply. After a session with her, I finally had the confidence on what to do (there’s so much info on the internet and it can be confusing!). She also was super prompt in fixing a schedule with me (she replied close to midnight and we managed to find a slot the immediate afternoon after!), which I am very grateful because increasing milk supply is time sensitive. She’s also been really approachable and contactable in replying my queries on WhatsApp :) also very encouraging and non-judgemental. Fastforward 1 and a half months later, I am happy with my milk supply amount to give to my daughter, who seems to be growing well! Thank you, Hui Tze :)

Mother of 1 daughter

We were introduced to Hui Tze by our paediatrician (PD), whom we met the first time at week 5 post delivery & by now our daughter hadn’t latched, we’re misguided by nurses and nanny on breastfeeding, the baby was exclusively bottle fed. Honestly I thought so many times before giving Hui Tze that one call because I barely knew the PD (was she just trying to make money from the network?); my own experience with an LC previously was traumatic and I had at least two friends who had terrible experience with LC in the US. My husband was totally against the idea for all these reasons. Yet I kept thinking and finally reached out to Hui Tze. Hui Tze was kind and friendly from the first interaction. We decided to meet the very next day at our place and she even changed her visit time twice to suit baby’s feeding time. This is extremely important as an untimely visit by LC can ruin your chances of a successful consultation - baby is cranky, you don’t have enough supply etc. Her visit time adjustment already gave me good vibes! From the moment she stepped out of the lift, I saw a sweet person who patiently listened to my breastfeeding history and goals, there was no judgement at all, she didn’t overstep her boundaries to advise me on matters a PD should speak, she focused on her job. Hui Tze placed my daughter on right breast but as that didn’t work she changed position to left and using a nipple shield, my daughter latched and I experienced what breastfeeding felt! She didn’t pester me to pay at the end of the session, she sent a huge summary outlining the session summary, the diagnosis and the advice (she has an elephant’s memory!) Note that I didn’t breastfeed much after a week of trying due to personal circumstances. However at week 12.5, I latched my daughter again using the guidance Hui Tze had given. We are breastfeeding exclusively now. (An LC told me it’s very hard to latch baby at 4 months as baby is not interested in drinking) The whole visit can be summarised as: (1) friendly, sweet, kind and knowledgeable LC who knows her job well. She won’t overstep and not under deliver; (2) helped us latch with nipple shield (my nipples are small and go inward when baby tries to suck directly) & guided on how the shield could be stopped for direct feeding after practice; (3) a user friendly detailed summary that you can revisit countless times later and also show your PD if needed; (4) an LC who will answer your questions even after the visit. I have reached out to Hui Tze countless times post her visit and she has been gracious enough to reply each time; (5) secret! She knows baby massage too and conducts baby massage classes. Best part - she never tells you that! No hard selling :) but I wish I knew it earlier from her page; and (6) when we wanted to see an osteopath, she recommended one who will suit my temperament and he was perfect! She even shared the contact of a psychiatrist when I was feeling down, but gladly didn’t need as I was able to successfully breastfeed which was my biggest stress. My husband who barely smiled or even looked at her when she came now tells me, "Oh, why don’t you ask Hui Tze!"

Mother of 1 daughter

My breastfeeding journey with my firstborn was tumultuous to say the least - a late diagnosis of a tongue tie, combined with an oversupply led me to give up on direct latching in the 3rd month, and I pumped exclusively after that. I grieved for the bonding I missed out on with her. After giving birth to my second child, Hui Tze came highly recommended by our PD and we engaged her immediately. She was excellent in her guidance - from checking on my baby’s tongue tie, to helping me establish a good latch and troubleshooting my oversupply problem. We avoided an unnecessary frenotomy and did not hesitate to reach out to her when I faced any difficulties in the early weeks. Besides being extremely warm, reassuring and having a great way with our baby, what we appreciated the most was that she was always respectful, non-judgemental and offered advice that carefully considered our unique needs. We are in our second month now and I am so happy to share that my baby latches well and my supply is under control. I dared not dream of this before and am so grateful and blessed to have crossed paths with Hui Tze. Thank you Hui Tze for all your help and being instrumental in my breastfeeding journey! You are a superstar!

Mother of 1 daughter & 1 son

Hui Tze really helped me out in the early days of breastfeeding, with different techniques on how to help baby latch better. Baby nurses like a champ now! I also attended her baby massage course, which we very much enjoyed and we still massage baby regularly.

Mother of 1 daughter

We met Hui Tze for the first time shortly after the birth of my son, for some help with breastfeeding - after hearing so many different advices that were unsuccessful, she was my last hope before giving up completely on nursing my son… if only we could go back in time, she would be the first person I would call! She addressed the situation quickly and calmly after listening to our story and checked up on us to make sure we were going in the right direction… she genuinely cares for the wellbeing of the whole family!When we were told she was also offering baby massage classes, we jumped on the occasion :)My husband, my son and I had a lovely time - it was the occasion not only to find a new activity to bond with our son but also to meet other families… classes were just the right amount of theory and practice and were full of positivity and wisdom!We could not recommend Hui Tze more!

Mother of 1 son

In the early days of my breastfeeding journey, latching was painful, breastmilk is undersupply and I had mastitis. Glad Hui Tze quickly came to provide personalized lactation support. She also follow up with us timely after each session. It takes some practice and faith and the right education. She guided us to overcome many key challenges and now breastfeeding experience is wonderful (no more pain and crack nipple!). This unique way of bonding with my baby is so beautiful it's one if the nicest things postpartum. Practically it's also easier for me to provide for my baby without having to pump, store, thaw milk nor wash bottle. Besides that, Hui Tze is well connected with established pediatrician, baby dentist, and other professions to provide extensive support. I appreciate how responsive and sensitive she is with my issues and went above and beyond to support us remotely round the clock. I'm really glad my husband engaged her right away before my breastfeeding problem snowball. She is very VERY good at what she's doing.

Mother of 1 son

As new parents with our first daughter, we are incredibly grateful for Hui Tze's exceptional lactation consulting services. Hui's calm and friendly demeanor instantly put us at ease, and her extensive knowledge provided us with the guidance we needed. She went above and beyond by answering our last-minute and frenzied questions after hours, demonstrating her genuine dedication to her clients. Hui is fantastic, and we wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of lactation support.

Gladys & Jeremy
Parents of 1 daughter

Thank you so much, Hui Tze, for helping me and baby Crius in our breastfeeding journey since he was born. Baby had issues with latching due to tongue tie. Hui Tze patiently and very clearly showed me all positions and ways for him to latch better and how to tell if he's drinking well by hearing intently to his gentle "swallows". She also gave me many useful tips. Baby has grown well throughout my BF journey and is "strong" for his age. When I had mastitis and clogged ducts, she helped me to “unclog” them and the mastitis was gone in a few hours with her magic touch. Really enjoyed my BF journey under professional and caring help from Hui Tze. She gave me confidence in my journey as a BF mum. I am now in my 8th month of my BF journey and suddenly my supply dropped which I was very stressed and concerned about. I called on Hui Tze again for help, and she ran me through multiple pumping and lactation nuances and how baby feeds. She also helped me gently realise that I worry too much as a first time mum. Really love the way Hui Tze handholded me in my BF journey whenever I needed help - and my advice to all breastfeeding mothers is to leave this to the professionals to assist you in person, it will save you a lot of time and agonising confusion if you try to figure it out from multiple articles and recorded videos from people who are either not as qualified and experienced, or they are not there to understand you and baby's unique issues.Thank you so much!

Mother of 1 son

I never envisioned breastfeeding to be this challenging, since this is our first child. We struggled for nearly the first week before calling Hui Tze in for a home consultation and it was truly a game changer. Since we are doing a mix of latching and expressing, she was very helpful in teaching us how to latch properly, tips on how to manage an oversupply, optimising our nursing environment and also finding the right flange size. I was grateful that she also continued to answer questions on WhatsApp over the following week. This was essential for kickstarting our much smoother breastfeeding journey so far (been 3 weeks since!). She’s also just a very fun and personable person to chat with :). I highly recommend her for any new parents or parents having challenges in this feeding journey. Thank you Hui Tze!

Sharon C.
Mother of 1 son