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Hi! I’m Hui Tze.

I’m a mother of two, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), a certified postpartum doula and baby massage instructor.

Through my own struggles as a new mother, especially on breastfeeding, I coincidentally birthed my calling to support new mothers and their families. I strive to understand each family's needs and goals, and provide support accordingly, so that they can blossom into happy and confident parents.

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to have made a difference to the lives of the families that I have supported. I would be honoured to be part of your very own parenting journey.

Supported hundreds of families, and provided more than 1,000 hours of lactation-specific clinical practice
Personalised, Professional & Judgement-free Approach

How I Support with Breastfeeding

There are no two breastfeeding mother & baby dyads that are the same.
Your journey, your choice.

Individual assessment

Oral assessment for baby and breast & health assessment for mother will allow us to have a good understanding of the issue(s) and to work on the challenge(s) appropriately.

Latching & Positioning

Using proper techniques of feeding will ensure breastfeeding is enjoyable, without any discomfort and sore nipples. Babies who are used to bottle feeding may be able to transit back to latching gradually, with patience.

Lactation Massage

Mothers may experience engorgement, blocked ducts or mastitis that would need to be cleared to prevent milk stasis. The correct way of lactation massage should not cause breast tissue injury that may aggravate the issue.

Managing Milk Supply

A mother's milk supply is affected by several factors (Insufficient Glandular Tissue (IGT), Breast Surgery, Hormonal Imbalance, frequency of milk removal). And the supply, in turn, affects how breastfeeding turn out. Learn how to protect and manage your supply (low or over supply) to have a better breastfeeding experience. And know that relactating after weaning is possible too.

All about Milk Expression & Handling

Learn various milk expression methods, electric pump settings and try out different flange sizes as they are important in sustaining your breastfeeding journey. And acquire the skills of handling and storing your breastmilk properly.

Breastfeeding Twins, Multiples or Babies who are Preterm or Slow to Gain Weight

It definitely takes more effort breastfeeding multiples, or babies born weeks/months earlier, or just slow to gain weight. Close monitoring and carefully planned strategies will ensure the baby/babies continue to thrive while working on breastfeeding.

Personalised, Professional & Judgement-free Approach

Postpartum Support

A trusted partnership is formed, where the focus is on you.

Overall Maternal Wellness

The mother experiences a huge change, both physically and emotionally, after birth. It is important to make sure parents know how to recognise and identify what is going on and seek professional help if needed.

Safe Baby Wearing

Learning how to use a ring sling or a baby wrap safely will allow mums & dads to go about their day while having their little one on them (especially useful during fussy periods).

Baby Sleep Patterns

Baby sleep is probably the next major concern of every parent, after breastfeeding! Understanding baby's sleep patterns will help new parents cope better postnatally.

Baby Massage

One of the best things you can do with and for your baby - learn the art of baby massage. Besides all the wonderful health benefits, baby massage is an easy activity that parents can do to build an intimate, loving and respectful relationship with baby.

Newborn Care

From being a noob to a master - learn how to soothe, swaddle, change diaper and bathe your little one. Partners can definitely show love & support to their spouse by contributing to caring for the newborn confidently.

Parents' Testimonials

Hear what parents say

Without Hui Tze, I wouldn’t have made it through the first month of breastfeeding. Her calm demeanour and friendly personality makes you feel like she’s been a friend for many years and she is super selfless with her time and genuinely cared for me, my husband and our baby throughout her visits. We are so thankful for her.

Mother of 1 daughter

I am lucky to have had Hui Tze guide me through my journey. I really could not have asked for someone better. Breastfeeding comes easier to some but for me it was related to fear and trauma. I must have asked the same question again and again but she was there to guide me through the anxiety. She made me believe I could do this, and I think that was half of the battle won.

Mother of 2 sons

Couldn't recommend the baby massage classes enough to any parent seeking a beautiful way to nourish and connect with their child(ren). Hui Tze has a lovely energy, patiently and thoughtfully imparting her wisdom over 5 weeks, each layering and building confidence and instilling the techniques so even tired mamas can recall the flow. Baby Alexander cooed his way through & massage is now a firm activity on our daily agenda - our favourite connection time of the day. Thank you Hui Tze!

Mother of 1 son

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Good to Know

More about Hui Tze

What made you start supporting new families?

When I had my first baby in 2011, I struggled with breastfeeding especially, and somehow I just couldn't find the right support to guide me through even though I sought help from the hospital lactation consultant. I felt lost and sad, that I could not latch my baby. In the end I exclusively pumped breastmilk for 10 months, and supplemented my son with formula. Two years later, when I was pregnant with my second baby, I knew that we needed to equip ourselves with the right knowledge as well as support. We attended antenatal classes and engaged a doula. And we had a wonderful birth and breastfeeding experience, and I went on to breastfeed my daughter for four years. This inspired me to pay it forward, to be there for other families emotionally and physically, and to provide parents evidence-based advice and options, allowing families to make informed decisions for themselves.

Why should we engage you?

You can get best of both worlds - an IBCLC as well as a postpartum doula (plus a baby massage instructor too!). No need to spend extra to engage more than one professional. Please click on Testimonials to read what other parents say about my services.

How did My Milkie Way’s name and logo come about?

I woke up suddenly at 3am one morning with ‘My Milkie Way’ calling out to me. I felt the name was perfect and oh-so-apt, as every family has their own unique breastfeeding and parenting journey. With that in mind, the logo was born, with 2 milk droplets coming down into the beautiful Milky Way. The droplets also signify a unique mother & baby pair. I roped my daughter in to help me with the first draft for the logo on the iPad and I loved it!

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