Nurturing touch, it's all we 'knead'

An easy and effective way to connect deeply with your baby and bring upon wonderful health benefits

Benefits of Baby Massage

Both you and your baby benefit from the natural process of touch. Baby massage encompasses most of the senses – sight, touch, hearing and smell. Therefore, it is an excellent programme that will help your baby to develop all round. Not only does it promote bonding and provide relief, it provides the adequate stimulation that a baby needs for brain development, and much more!

Benefits for Baby

- Interaction: promoting secure attachment, communication, one-to-one quality time, nurturing touch, feeling respected

- Stimulation of: circulatory system, digestive system, vestibular system (coordination and balance), hormonal system, immune system, nervous system, respiratory system and more

- Relief of: gas and colic, constipation, growing pains, muscular tensions, excess mucus

- Relaxation: improved sleep patterns, regulation of behavioural states, reduction of stress levels and stress hormones

Benefits for Parents

- Learn to read and respect your baby’s cues

- Gain self confidence in caring for your baby

- Spend quality time with your baby

- Helps with postnatal depression

- Great opportunity to meet fellow parents

The massage course was very helpful, especially attending it with other first time parents. It was a relief knowing we weren’t in this alone, and could relate to many of their stories." - Sara, mother of 1 son

The 5-session IAIM Course Curriculum

Build a loving and respectful relationship with your little one

  • Massage Conditions

    Know the 'how, what, when, where and why' of baby massage. Understand your baby's cues and respond with love & respect

  • Different types of nurturing touch

    Learn the different ways to provide comfort and love to your little one

  • Hands-on Practice

    Massage strokes on legs & feet, stomach, chest, arms & hands, face and back

  • Adaptations of massage for your growing child

    Understand the different growing phases and how to adapt your massage accordingly

  • Gentle movements

    Have fun doing gentle stretching exercises with your baby

  • Investment: 

    Private 1-1 classes: $500 (4 sessions)
    Group classes: $350 per family (5 sessions)

    Each session is approx. 1 hour

Good to know.

Everything you need to know about baby massage classes.

What is the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) Programme about?

In many cultures, the practice of massaging babies is an art passed down from generation to generation. The IAIM Programme founder, Vimala McClure, combined different techniques (Indian massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, yoga methods), with her own ideas and created this special programme since the 1970s and it is widely practiced in many countries around the world.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is designed for parents with infants 0 - 12 months old. I highly recommend parents to join the classes when baby is between 2 and 4months old, after you have settled down a little with your little one!

We welcome babies to be themselves - they can cry, sleep, poo, feed and do nothing in class! And parents can do whatever you need to answer your baby’s needs.

Why does it take five weeks to complete the IAIM programme group series?

Babies will take a little longer than adults to integrate and accept massage in their lives.  In each session, you will be taken through a series of different activities that incorporate massage, touch, voice, eye contact and many other interactions. You will need time to practise the techniques with your baby at home, and each session, we will learn new strokes and build on those previously taught. Hence, five sessions is the optimal duration. For 1-1 classes, it is possible to complete the programme in 4 sessions.

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