Finding your groove in the early weeks of parenthood

It takes a village to raise a child. You don't have to do this alone.

Before Birth

1-1 Prenatal Session

Be empowered to achieve the breastfeeding & parenting journey you desire.

  • Breastfeeding 101

    Find out how breastfeeding works, how to know if baby is drinking enough, common issues and how to manage them

  • Postpartum changes

    Understand the emotional and physical changes that mothers will experience right after birth

  • Newborn behaviours

    Learn about the different behavioural states & sleep patterns of newborns

  • Hands-on practice

    Acquire techniques of hand expression, latching & positioning, soothing baby, swaddling, diaper changing, bathing, baby wearing

  • Postpartum care plan

    Create your very own postpartum care plan - postpartum support, baby care arrangement, what to prepare

  • Investment: $400

    1 private prenatal session is approx. 3 hours 

After Birth

Postnatal Home Visit

Overcome challenges of early parenthood with nurtured, non-judgemental support

  • Addressing your concerns

    Regarding breastfeeding, mum & baby care

  • Breastfeeding consultation

    Detailed, comprehensive & judgement-free, click here for details

  • Personalised care plan

    To suit the very needs of you, your partner and your child(ren)

  • Practical tips on newborn care

    Ways of soothing baby, swaddling, diaper changing, bathing, baby wearing, baby massage

  • Follow up support

    Two weeks of online follow up support via WhatsApp

  • Investment

    1 session (including online support): $270
    3 sessions (including online support): $670

    Each consultation is approx. 1.5-2hrs

Good to know.

A little more about Hui Tze, and the pre & postnatal sessions.

What is the difference between an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a Postpartum Doula?

An IBCLC is an individual certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, who have met rigorous eligibility standards, passed a professionally developed international certification examination, meet continuing education requirements, and uphold a Code of Professional Conduct. IBCLCs work with breastfeeding families to provide lactation care and advance global public health.

A study has found that women supported by IBCLCs were more than four times as likely to exclusively breastfeed their infant at one month and nearly three times more likely to do so at three months, compared with the control group

A postpartum doula is an individual trained to work with new parents, normally through the early weeks after birth. She provides you physical and emotional support, usually using evidence-based information in her approach. She may have general knowledge of breastfeeding, but may refer the parents to an IBCLC for more complicated breastfeeding issues.

Why should we engage you?

You can get best of both worlds - an IBCLC as well as a postpartum doula (plus a baby massage instructor too!). No need to spend extra to engage more than one professional. Please click on Testimonials to read what other parents say about my services.

How many support sessions do we need?

Most first time parents do well with 3 consultation sessions as you may encounter different challenges at different times and you just want to focus on a couple of issues per visit. However, you can also select the 1-session package first, and simply top up to have additional fellow up sessions.

When do you recommend for the first consultation to happen? Do we pre-book the consultation session(s)?

It's recommended to have the session as soon as possible, as we want a good start to breastfeeding and new parents can become more confident in caring for their baby. If we are able to work on the issue(s) promptly, it will prevent the snowballing effect from taking place. The first session can take place in the hospital or at home when you have discharged.

The sessions are usually spontaneous, and topics covered during each visit would be determined by how both parents and baby are doing and what type of support you need at that point in time. And we will try to schedule the session(s) to coincide with baby’s feeding time if we are working on the breastfeeding positioning and latching.

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